Los Gatos Insurance Center for all your home auto car insurance needs in California
Los Gatos Insurance Center for all your car auto home insurance needs in California
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Los Gatos Insurance Center

The Los Gatos Insurance Center, LLC, is a well-established property and casualty insurance company located in Los Gatos, California. We offer all lines of casualty insurance with an emphasis on high value homes and high net worth households. We insure a great number of Silicon Valley executives and professionals. We also specialize in commercial property insurance, including insuring apartment complexes, shopping centers, professional office buildings, light industrial parks, residential and commercial owner associations, course of construction risks and all other commercial property ventures. We will package all of your personal insurance needs to give you the maximum benefits available while reducing your premiums.

We approach each individual household and business as unique and deserving of special attention. We are here for the long haul and will represent our clients and protect them in the fashion they deserve. All client data is kept confidential. Our bottom line is in representing our client in the most professional way possible. Our allegiances are to our clients. If we feel you are well protected and represented by one of our competitors, we will tell you that and recommend that you stay put. We want to put a positive light on ourselves as professionals, on our insurance profession and represent ourselves proudly within our local community.


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