Los Gatos Insurance Center for all your home auto car insurance needs in California
Los Gatos Insurance Center for all your auto car home insurance in California
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Similar to auto insurance, boat and yacht insurance is composed of various coverages (i.e. comprehensive & collision) only it's for your motor boat, ski boat, jet ski, sail boat or yacht. The two basic coverages are hull and protection and indemnity (P&I).

Marine hull insurance insures the hull while the boat is sailing or is being repaired. A hull is the body of the boat or the ship. The primary importance of a hull is that it provides the ship's buoyancy so that it keeps the vessel afloat and stops it from sinking. The hull comes in different designs and can be classified into different types.

Protection and indemnity insurance (P&I) for shipowners, contractors, and charterers is insurance against liabilities arising out of the operation of the vessel for loss of life to any person; illness or injury to passengers and crew; damage to cargo while loading, carrying or unloading cargo, damage to piers and docks; and removal of wreckage as required by law.

Boats can be insured for an agreed value amount or on an actual cash value basis (market value, or in other words, what it can be sold for). Engines are usually insured for their replacement cost.

We can help explain all of this in detail and customize it for your specific needs. Give us a call today.


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