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Liability claims can range from a simple "slip and fall" in a store to a suit brought about by an alleged failure of your product.

A General Business Liability Insurance policy will protect your business against claims for bodily injury and property damage arising out of:

  • Premises
  • Operations
  • Products and Completed Operations
  • Advertising and Personal Injury Liability

When it comes time to purchase or renew your business liability insurance, planning is key. The risk management services offered by Los Gatos Insurance Center will assist you in reducing the exposure upon which insurance carriers base their premium allowing you to secure the most competitive price available. We will take the time to understand your business, make coverage recommendations and walk you through the decision-making process with respect to limits, deductibles and various other options.

When you are faced with a business liability claim or lawsuit, you need your broker to be a specialist in analyzing the claim and how your insurance policies should respond to it. We have the ability to get an immediate response from insurance carriers in order to ascertain coverage and understand the responsibilities of all parties involved.

We can help explain all of this in detail and customize it for your specific needs. Give us a call today.


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